Homestead owner:
+370 686 04158 Administration: +370 616 80026

Three sides of the homestead „Tėviškė“ is surrounded by the sprakling waves of Snaigynas lake.  On the forth side of the homestead grows a pine forest which is green all year long.

The farm which is located in a remote area is a very attractive place. Many years ago, when Julias father Juozas Plūkys returned from America he bought a plot of land. In the past century, earning money in America, Juozas Plūkys built his family a nice house, which was burned before the war.  Julias father built a smaller temporary house and wanted to build a better one, but he passed away. When Julias Father died, she was only a few years old. Juozas brother Boleslovas with her mother Veronica raised four children, and tried to rebuild the house, unfortunetly they failed, because the Soviets nationalized the land.

More than half a century later to fulfill Juozas Plūkys once burned dream in Julias childhoods land, her husband Adolfas with his son Rolandas jointly built a new house – warmed by the homelands feelings and memories.