Homestead owner:
+370 686 04158 Administration: +370 616 80026

Villas name: Adolf and Julia Juodžiai homestead “Tėviškė”

Address: Kailiniai village, Veisiejai neighborhood, Lazdijai district. LT-67043

Mobile Phone: +370 686 04 158, +370616 80026.


54.0794897° 23.7442144°

Arrival instructions:

Firstly, you come to the town called Veisiejai, it goes up to a Y-junction, where you will see signs: “Ž.Ū.Mokykla, boarding. Direction, and we go Viktarinos FULLY paved road to the homestead.

Going towards the main road to Viktarina after exactly 3 kilometers on the left you should see houses and a road sign “Tėviškė”, enter the homestead through the central gate area.


126 km to Vilnius 126 km
105 km to Kaunas 105 km
The nearest town 3 km (Veisiejai)
The bus station/stop 3 km
3 km to the eating place 3 km